Our Network

We provide access to a wide range of resources and contacts to help you sell, buy, or build a business in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.

Research Capabilities

We maintain a large database of thousands of contacts of strategic, individual and financial buyers who have expressed an interest in acquiring businesses across a wide variety of industries throughout the Northeast.  

In addition to our in-house database, we also subscribe to other leading databases and research sources. Access to these sources allows us to conduct current industry research, and to identify a broad base of potential buyers. 

Relationships with Other Professionals

We maintain a network of strong relationships with professional advisors across all fields of expertise related to buying and selling a business, including accountants, legal advisors, and financial planners, providing a team of experts available to assist with every specialized aspect of your transaction.

We also maintain relationships with several boutique investment banks to assist with larger transactions, access to capital, and complex financial structures.