Exit Planning for a Future Sale of Your Company

Developing a long-term exit strategy can help ensure that you build your company with an eye towards increasing value for a sale within the next several years. A detailed exit strategy can also help ensure the value of the company meets or exceeds your requirements to fund your retirement or future plans, and can address and overcome challenges that may prevent a company from attracting qualified buyers. Our approach to building value includes:

Establishing Current Value

We start by discussing your goals, analyzing your business and financial records, and developing an accurate current market valuation for your business. A current valuation provides an opportunity to understand whether the sale of your business will fund your future plans, and is used to identify drivers that can enhance -- or could reduce -- future value.

Identifying and Implementing Strategies To Build Value

We provide detailed recommendations to increase overall value of your business for a future sale, and address any challenges that may prevent your company from attracting qualified buyers. We also assist in providing expertise and external resources that can help you implement the changes to build value in your business.