Selling Your Company

As a successful entrepreneur, you have likely worked very hard to build your company. Developing an exit strategy that results in a successful sale can provide a return on the investment of time and resources that you have devoted to your business.

However, selling a business can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. In addition to important financial considerations, the sale of your business can impact your family, your future employment opportunities, and the well-being of your employees. Other concerns may include confidentiality, taxes, and the ability of the buyer to continue building your business.

While low-ball offers may be easy to come by, qualified buyers willing to pay a fair or premium price for your business can be hard to find. 

Our Three-Step Process

We use a methodical, three-step process designed to help overcome the challenges associated with selling a business. 


Preparing the Business For Sale

Preparing the business for sale is the critical first step towards a successful sale. Our professional business brokers and intermediaries work closely with clients to evaluate the business, identify a likely selling price, and develop sophisticated, professional marketing materials to highlight the unique characteristics of each company.

Carefully preparing the business for sale can also provide an opportunity to identify and overcome any issues that could reduce value or present challenges to a sale. Proper preparation also helps ensure the later due diligence process moves smoothly, resulting in a higher potential selling price, and increased likelihood of a sale.


Introducing Qualified Buyers

We use internal databases and sophisticated industry research to identify a wide range of qualified financial, strategic, or individual buyers, who have the financial resources and knowledge to purchase and successfully run your business.

The time and effort put into preparing the business for sale and developing strong marketing materials that accurately describe your business pays dividends in ensuring buyers are  able to understand the dynamics and unique characteristics of your business, and quickly decide whether to move forward. This eliminates "tire-kickers" and ensures you spend your time only with serious, qualified buyers. Your confidential business information is disclosed to potential buyers only after they have signed a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement.


A Successful Closing

We work closely with our clients' legal and accounting advisors, to facilitate negotiations designed to bring both sides to agreement while maximizing your after-tax proceeds from the sale. The time and effort spent preparing the business for sale also helps ensure a smooth due-diligence process, culminating in a successful closing.