PLANT Apothecary Acquired by Rare Beauty Brands

We’re pleased to announce our client, PLANT Apothecary, has been acquired by Rare Beauty Brands.

PLANT Apothecary is an organic skin-care brand launched in 2012. Founders Holly McWhorter and Bjarke Ballisager saw an opportunity to promote healthy ingredients, combined with distinctive, design-forward package design. Today, the company’s assortment of unisex skin-care products are sold via retailers including Anthropology, Macy’s, Goop and Detox Market, and online at

When asked about the decision to sell, Holly McWhorter said, "The concept of Rare Beauty just made sense to me. We have never been finance, sales, operations or marketing people. At a certain point, we realized that the way for this brand to grow was to find people with that experience and enough money to give the brand what it really needs to put it out there. I think that a lot of brands could feel the same way.”

Rare Beauty Brands has a focus on acquiring brands with clear points of differentiation that have demonstrated market traction, but which are not equipped with funding, skill sets or personnel to take full advantage of rising consumer demand. “The indie beauty explosion has taken the industry by storm, and there are many brands with a compelling founder that really knows his or her products and consumers, but as their business grows, they need more resources, a bigger team and expertise to scale. We are looking forward to helping PLANT Apothecary grow quickly," says Chris Hobson, President and CEO of Rare Beauty Brands.

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