We combine experience and a strategic approach with calm, thoughtful and professional advice, to help you move from initially considering an exit, to signing definitive documents and receiving the proceeds from the sale.

We generally represent clients with annual revenues between $4 million and $20 million. These are companies that are usually too small to work with a large investment bank, but too large to work with a neighborhood business broker. You may have heard that it is very difficult to sell a business in this size range, and that many businesses do not sell. That is certainly true. However, our success in helping our clients sell their business is due to two factors: 

Before we begin to work with any company, we develop a solid understanding of the entrepreneur and the company. We don’t take on clients unless we are convinced we can be successful in helping you achieve your goals. If we don’t think we can sell your company, we will let you know why, and provide suggestions for alternate options, or help you overcome issues that could prevent a sale.

For clients we do take on, we develop and then execute a detailed strategic plan. We take on a limited number of clients at a time, and focus on every detail, providing you with a high level of attention, professionally managing the entire process from start to finish. This organized approach helps result in a successful sale that meets your personal and financial goals.


Although every company is unique, our process typically includes three key stages:


Preparation for a sale is the critical first step towards a successful outcome and maximizing value in a sale. We work closely with our clients to understand and evaluate the business, identify a likely valuation range, and develop sophisticated, professional marketing materials to highlight the unique characteristics of your company.

We also develop comprehensive buyer lists, using internal databases and sophisticated industry research to identify a wide range of qualified strategic, financial or high-net-worth buyers, who have the financial resources and knowledge to purchase and successfully operate your business. Many mergers and acquisitions firms provide a cursory list of the largest industry buyers. We dig further to find the right buyers for your company.  

Proper preparation also helps ensure the later due diligence process moves smoothly, resulting in a higher potential selling price and increased likelihood of a sale.


We use an organized sales approach to market the business and contact prospective acquirers. The time and effort spent preparing the business for sale and developing professional marketing materials that accurately describe your business pays dividends in ensuring buyers are able to understand your business, and quickly decide whether to move forward.

We help prepare you to meet with prospective acquirers, to put your best foot forward, and to highlight the benefits of your business that will appeal to each buyer.


We help move buyers from interest to letter of intent, and once offers are on the table, we facilitate negotiations designed to maximize your after-tax proceeds from the sale and to meet your other goals. We also carefully manage the due diligence process. We have the experience to develop solutions to challenging issues that can sometimes derail a transaction far into the process. We work closely with our clients’ legal and accounting advisors, and carefully manage the process to culminate in a successful closing.